DelWood Boundaries

 Briggsmore on the north,

 Tully Rd. on the east

 Ninth St. on the west /south

DNA monthly meetings are held every 4th

Monday of each month at the Trinity United

Presbyterian Church, 1600 Carver Road in the Telle center conference room located on the north side of the campus. Put us on your calendar. We look forward to seeing you there. 

You can sign up on on Neighborhood Patrol Service Registration. Then click on Registration Form to receive a contract. You can also call (209) 526-2025, and say you are interested in the security patrol for the Delwood area. 


Our email:  is a place for homeowners, or renters, to  contribute thoughts and ideas and ask questions.  Please use it to communicate with us. Post your musings and feedbacks freely.


The Modesto Police Department cannot be everywhere at all times. For the nominal cost of $25.00 per month DelWood residents can have the added security of RANK INVESTIGATION & PROTECTION, INC'S's security patrol of the neighborhood. RANK at presentpatrols the College Area Neighborhood which has about 200 residents signed up for the service. We only need 40 residents to participate because we are adjacent to the College area and can easily be absorbed into the patrol. The patrols would be intermittent now, but when we have a large number signed up it can result in an assigned patrol.

Another added advantage to having RANK patrol the area is when you are away on vacation or out of the area for a few days, you can have them do a personal check of your property to make sure it is secure. If you have an alarm system that is monitored, they can be #1 on your call list and you will get armed service quickly.

Want to know what crime may have happened in the neighborhood? Check out, click CA. and then Modesto

DelWood Neighborhood Alliance(DNA)


Neighbors creating a family-friendly, clean, vibrant and safe neighborhood in cooperation with the City of Modesto and the Modesto Police Department

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